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Dontel Roofing Supplies stock and supply a large selection of quality manufactured VELUX roof windows and skylights. As well as VELUX, we stock Whitesales Rooflights and Roof Domes. Loft windows can be installed to allow natural light into your loft space, reducing the need for artifical light. This is not only cost affective but also provides the bright daylight that helps with overall health. They also help with ventilation, acoustics and energy efficiency. Planning permission is not normally required but you should always seek confirmation first. You may, however, require building control approval as it is classed as a material alteration. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about what would be the best product for your job.


VELUX windows offer a vast range of sizes, options and finishes to give you the means to make the very best of every project. Installing VELUX Roof Windows into your home can transform an otherwise dark area into a light-flooded, well ventilated living space. VELUX windows can be used in both pitched and flat roof scenarios.

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Whitesales has over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of speciality flat roofing products: rooflights, smoke vents, access hatches, flat roof edge trims and accessories. Their products are tested to the highest standards and are suitable for use with most flat roof systems, including single-ply, felt, hot-melt, asphalt, liquid, GRP and metal roofing.

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